Best manicure in RVC?

Discussion in 'Beauty and Personal Care' started by Hermosa Mujer, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Hermosa Mujer

    Hermosa Mujer New Member

    Ok ladies, where's the best place to get a manicure in RVC? I'm looking for somewhere CLEAN (not dirty and NO insects!!!) where they take their time, do a good job, and don't just jabber to each other in a language I can't understand and handle me like a piece of meat!
  2. Jenny24

    Jenny24 New Member

    Ha! Hi Hermosa.

    I use to go to Sisters Nails but I converted to Stella Nails after my first visit. The place is pristine! Marble floors and it's beautiful. It's the most clean nail salon in town, I hope they stay open forever!


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