Best elementary school in Rockville Centre?

Discussion in 'General' started by MeerKate, Sep 29, 2016.

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    My husband and I finally decided to move our family to Rockville Centre. We know that where we move will determine which elementary school our children go to, and want to make sure we send them to the best school we can so they have as strong a start as possible. I've tried to research the differences between the 5 elementary schools in town, but everyone seems to regard their own children's school as the best!

    Does anyone know which elementary school is really the best in terms of student to teacher ratios, preparing children for standardized tests, availability of enrichment programs, etc.?

    Thanks in advance,
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    I've been researching the same, which is how I came across your post. So far I haven't found much that differentiates the schools from one another. I figure that's a good thing, though, since it means you don't need to restrict your search to a specific area in RVC. I did find these school ratings, but I've been advised to take them with a grain of salt and am doing just that:

    • Hewitt School - 10/10
    • Watson School - 10/10
    • Riverside School - 9/10
    • William S Covert School - 9/10
    • Wilson School - 8/10
    • Watson School - 35th of 2361
    • Hewitt School - 121st of 2361
    • Wilson School - 206th of 2361
    • William S Covert School - 369th of 2361
    • Riverside School - 475th of 2361
    I suppose that if you really wanted to "play it safe" you should make sure you're zoned for Hewitt or Watson, but who's to say if these ratings actually mean one school is better than another, or would be for your kid? We've pretty much decided to worry about buying the right house and not the right school, since if any of the schools actually provided a lesser experience or education, we'd of likely read about it. We've done quite a bit of searching at this point because we had the same idea you did, and for the most part we've only read about satisfied parents regardless of which school their kids go to.

    Good luck with your search!

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